Product No. AL-5624-52

.62 square shank and 4.50" length.

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Product Variations

5624-52-07 Padlockable handle with .63" square shank. View Drawing
5624-53 L handle with shank, no escutcheon plate.  Pad-lock loop on handle. View Drawing
5624-7 Handle only. View Drawing
5624-SS52-10 Stainless steel handle with three .28" dia mounting holes. View Drawing
87-5624-SS52 Stainless Steel L handle with three 1/4-20" x .50" Studs. View Drawing
88-5624-SS52 Stainless steel L handle with three .28" holes. View Drawing
89-5624-52 Handle with three .28" holes and 6.25" shank length.
AL-5624-7 Aluminum L handle only. View Drawing