2500 Series

2500 Series
2500 Series Rod

Rod with yellow zinc finish.


  • Carbon steel channel material
  • Yellow zinc finish
  • Nylon rollers
  • Available in different lengths
  • Single or Dual holes.
Product Variations
Rod with 22.06" length,one .39 dia hole.
34.56" length rod with two .39 dia holes.
Rod guide with two .20 dia holes.
Bent cam with .31 square hole.
59.59" length rod with nylon rollers.
Rod with 16.50" length and one .39 dia hole.
47.59" length rod with nylon rollers.
Rod with 16.05" length, one .39 dia hole in rod, nylon rollers.
Complete kit with rods, cam, rod guides. 36" rods.

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