2500 Series

2500 Series Rod

2500 Series

Rod with yellow zinc finish.


Carbon steel channel material|Yellow zinc finish|Nylon rollers|Available in different lengths|Single or Dual holes.

Product Variations

1-2500-50-65 47.59" length rod with nylon rollers. View Drawing
13-2500-50-65 Rod with 16.50" length and one .39" dia hole. View Drawing
2-2500-50 59.59" length rod with nylon rollers. View Drawing
2500-1-25 Bent cam with .31" square hole. View Drawing
2500-2-65 Rod guide with two .20" dia holes.
2500-50-65 34.56" length rod with two .39" dia holes. View Drawing
2500-U Complete kit with rods, cam, rod guides. 36" rods. View Drawing
9-2500-50 Rod with 22.06" length,one .39" dia hole.