1979 Series

Lock Rod Assembly Double Tube

1979 Series



Double tube design|Anti-racking|Can be used with any type of Eberhards cams or keepers.

Product Variations

1-1979-1 Keeper only. View Drawing
1-1979-SSC1 Keeper only. View Drawing
1979-10 Bearing cover only.
1979-18 Bushing only.
1979-19 Bushing only.
1979-23 Bushing only.
1979-8 Bracket only.
2-1972-U Handle only.
23-1979-UL Left hand.
23-1979-UR Right hand.
4-1979-L Left hand.
4-1979-R Right hand.
9-1979-2L Left hand.
9-1979-2R Right hand.
9-1979-UL Left hand.
9-1979-UR Right hand.